Sunday 8 July 2012

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

I tried this mascara after Christmas for the first time and I was not as bedazzled as I thought I'd be. The box screams statistics at you such as: '94%  saw dramatic length and volume' and '100% saw long-lasting results'. With those consumer panel results as well as before and after pictures which look almost too good to be true, this mascara certainly became one I had to try, even with the ludicrous £18.50 price tag.

I have tried lots of mascaras over the years including ones from Mac, L'oreal, Max Factor, Maybelline and Bourjois. I am usually of the mindset that you can find a decent mascara in Boots or Superdug that is just as good, if not better than any you would find at a high-end make-up counter. Mac, for example are (for me) not worth paying extra for. I tend to try mascaras once and I only ever re-purchase them if they 'wow' me. Benefit's They're Real did not 'wow' me for the first few weeks, until I went back to L'oreal's Volume Million Lashes and Max Factor's False Lash Effect and was suddenly disappointed after years of really enjoying them.

Having naturally long lashes, I do look for a volumising mascara rather than one which claims to lengthen. I want my lashes thick, black and noticeable, but not, under any circumstances, flaky, clumpy or crunchy. I like separation, not fused together insect-leg lashes. I also need something that works fast and does the work for me rather than having to spend ten minutes manically sculpting my eyelashes in the morning when I should be eating my breakfast and getting out the door.

Beware the brush: it's a spiky customer

This is where this mascara comes into it's own. The brush is plastic and has spikes on the end which get to all of your lashes, even the corner ones. It is a firm plastic brush which needs to be handled with care. I can imagine it could do some damage if you didn't! The brush is why I think it works so well for me. It is strict with my lashes and orders them into a fattened up and separated fan.

I guess the reason I didn't initially fall in love with this product is because I expected it to work miracles. It isn't a good idea to build more than 2-3 coats of this mascara, because it will clump if you load it on too thick. This is something I have found you can get away with with some other mascaras, so I got into the habit of it. I have to curb my enthusiasm with They're Real to avoid them looking less 'real' and more 'ridiculous'. As you can see in the picture, my lashes are not perfect like the image on the box I mentioned earlier. I do find it hard to believe that they're real, but maybe I'm just jealous and cynical!

 Nevertheless, this has become my favourite mascara because it gives the look I want. It doesn't quite give the exaggerated, false lash effect that I was looking for, but I don't actually think I want that look anymore, not for daytime anyway. I'm quite happy to recommend this to you, if you are after the same things I am in a mascara. Last month, I received some Boots coupons and that was all the persuasion I needed to get down there and grab myself another tube of Benefit They're Real. If, like me, mascara is important to you, give this one a try.
Just how I like them!

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