Friday 11 April 2014

10 Music Videos Worth Watching

Music videos used to be inspiring, emotive and sometimes artistic. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I don't see so much at the moment. If Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines is what we've got to go by, the days of imaginative videos is ending.

Here is my playlist of 10 memorable tracks with great accompanying visuals:

Outkast- Hey ya!
A fun, vibrant vid which celebrates the excitement of bands performing to live audiences like those on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 50s and 60s. 

Missy Elliott- Great ur freak on
I can remember watching this as a teen and loving the creatures on the ceiling, and Missy swinging from the chandeliers, and my younger
brother (who was about three or four at the time) also loving it, despite the creepy and weird imagery. I love the colours, I love the humour and I love Missy's sweet moves!

Michael Jackson- Smooth Criminal
Growing up, he was my idol. I got into Motown at the age of 9 and adore pretty much everything he's done. This video and the whole of the film Moonwalker is just magic to me.

Matt Berry- Take My Hand
Although he's better known for his comedy, I love Matt Berry's music. His video for Take my Hand has a charming narrative and features his 'dad' from Snuffbox. I was lucky enough to see him live this month, so check out my post on the gig at The Forum.

Sophie Ellis Bextor- Murder on the Dancefloor
This is way ahead of it's time with Strictly Come Dancing
apparently being so popular nowadays! It is a fun, spoof of a dance contest in which the contestants will do anything to win. This is another music video that I used to wait to come on the music channels when I was about fifteen. Remember that this was before Youtube, so music channels were a real lucky dip. I like these sort of unashamedly cheesy, feel-good tracks, and the video is definitely a memorable one for me.

Shakespeare's Sister- Stay
I used to actually be quite scared by this, but watching it now it's kind of hard to take seriously! It's on my list because it is one that it burned into my memory (and you've got to love those crazy facial expressions).

The Divine Comedy- National Express
First of all, Neil Hannon is a genius. Secondly, have you ever listened to this track on a National Express coach or a train? It takes your listening pleasure to another level as you observe your fellow travellers to this satiric tune. The Divine Comedy passed me by a little in the nineties; they were there, but I was more into soul and R n B as a teen. I re-discovered them in my twenties and I can't get enough. This video is a humourous commentary on the treatment of NHS patients.

Radiohead- Just
Clever, very clever. If you've never watched it, you must.

Starsailor- In the Crossfire
Starsailor are, in my opinion, one of the most under-rated British bands of the early 2000s. I wish I had seen them live. 

Pink-Don't Let Me Get Me
As an angsty young person, Pink was a firm favourite of mine. I still like her back catalogue a lot, including some of the lesser known album tracks. There is something about her music that hits a nerve with many people who really listen to it. This video is dynamic, humourous and meaningful in all the right measures;  I guess a lot of teenagers will relate to it because it's about coping with being yourself, and that's why it hit a nerve with me once upon a time, I suppose!

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