Thursday 10 April 2014

Review: Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks

The Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks are marketed as creamy, pigmented and nourishing. This was enough to make me want to try them, along with the great shade range. Knowing that I wanted to get my money's worth, I bought three wearable shades rather than branching out this time and opting for red or corals. 
Left to right: Lovelight, Rush, Native

Lovelight: described by Urban Decay as a 'pale peachy-pink shimmer'; described by me as Nars' Orgasm for the lips. This subtle, pretty shade is great for everyday wear and adds a little something to the lips without screaming 'hey! Look at me, I'm wearing lipstick!'. It is shimmery, not glittery and does not feel gritty on the lips.

Rush: A 'pink mauve' is the shade description given by Urban Decay. I would say that is fairly true accurate. It is not shimmery like Lovelight, but rather quite similar to a Mac Cremesheen finish. It is again, not an over-the-top colour, but is pigmented.

Native: A 'pale pink' which is cool in tone, but not overly so. It gives a little pop of colour to the lips and has a similar texture to Rush. I think this is my favourite shade of the ones that I own, however I think this is my comfort zone in terms of colours. 
Left to right: Lovelight, Rush, Native

The lipsticks do live up to expectations in terms of the texture and feel on the lips. The packaging is also a nice pewter colour with the branding inscribed on the tube. The only negatives are that the colours do not last amazingly long: do expect to have to top up throughout the day or night.

As you can see I swatched them in two different lighting conditions so you can appreciate the shimmer level. In the natural lighting below, Lovelight appears as less densely pigmented than the other two, which I would say gives you a fair indication of how subtle it is. Can you see what I mean about the Orgasm resemblance in the top photo?

You can pick these up at Feelunique as I did and you can usually find discount codes and offers to make them a little easier on the wallet. Alternatively, they are quite widely available in most places that sell Urban Decay.

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