Monday 21 April 2014

Caravan at Brighton: April 20th

Caravan are a prog rock band formed in 1968. My dad was a big fan as a teenager and has seen them perform many times. Growing up with a synthesizer in the house and music of this era being played, it was inevitable that I would grow up to take comfort in this genre of music. Although it took a while, over past years I have had a growing appreciation for the mastery and magic of folk and prog rock.
Listen to Nine Feet Under, an early classic from 1971

Tristan Mackay, a talented vocalist and guitarist, was the support. He was originally a busker who was discovered on myspace and has since had success, including being at the top of the itunes blues chart and being critically acclaimed. He seemed like a lovely down-to-earth guy, played well and sung beautifully.

Caravan are not a band I know well, but seeing them live was fantastic. Multi-instrumentalist, Geoffry Richardson, was a focal point for me, playing the viola and flute throughout the set. An emotional highlight was when the band honoured former drummer, Richard Coughlan, who passed away in December 2013. 

Despite the crowd appearing thin on the ground at first, it filled out considerably. The atmosphere was fantastic and the crowd had the time of their lives. If you want to know how to rock out, go to a Caravan show- the die-hard fans know how to shake a move more than your average twenty-something, let me tell you! There was some arm-waving and head-banging going on that brought a smile to my face and really showed how loved this band are by their followers.

My dad thinks that I went because it was a free ticket and I happened to be visiting, but I felt very lucky to see such a talented and enduring act live on stage. It was amazing.

I didn't get a pic of the band unfortunately, but here's a few of Brighton!
Concord 2 is located opposite the pier, a short walk away (this side of the pier)

I don't think this sign does a lot

I can't remember if this is a good ghost train or not? Can anyone recommend it?

Love this design
Do you think I could wish to be big?

Then I could ride this beast!

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