Sunday 25 May 2014

Natural Summer Base Make-up

Summer is showing signs of approaching with us having some brighter days recently in the UK. Today I have a skirt and tank top on, which must mean it's time to post about some fab Summer face products.

Being a pale gal, I make sure I am always using SPF, and Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense is the most marvellous, light-textured, unsticky and fresh-feeling base for make-up. It has SPF50, which is an absolute must if you are looking to protect your skin from harmful rays. It is not cheap, but having tried many cheaper products and being left with a ghostly-white, shiny face, I am happy to pay more for quality.

My base of choice today is Dr Jart's Regenerating Beauty Balm. I've had this tube a long time (over a year), and although I don't use it daily, I have used it a lot and there is still a good deal of product left. This product is perfect for drier skins who want a light coverage that actually covers. This cream is the consistency of a face cream and pigmented enough to even out imperfections very well. It also contains SPF30. The reason I wear two SPF products is that the BB cream alone may wear off a little throughout the day 

and also I don't apply vast quantities of it, so it does not guarantee full protection. For those in the UK, this brand is available in Boots. I will definitely buy this again when I finish the tube.
To add a fresh and awakening pop of colour to the cheeks I love the Topshop cream blush in Flush. In the pan it is a scary, almost neon pink shade. Applied sparingly in gives a pretty Summery look! I apply it using the Real Techniques duo fibre brush as pictured left.

Pictured below are some of my other favourite Summer face products. The Body Shop's Honey Bronzing Powder is a great option because it is available in lighter matte shades which do not look orange and fake on the skin. I am wearing a little in the photo below. 

Mac's Prim and Proper blush is also a favourite every Summer because it is a bronze-coloured rosy blush that instantly makes you look like you've caught some sun. Temptalia's review suggests that Notable is a similar Mac shade. I think that Blushbaby and Tenderling are not that disimilar, but Prim and Proper is a satin finish rather than matte (see comparisons below). It would not surprise me if Mac re-releases it in the future, so if you like it, keep a look-out.
Top left: Topshop cream blush in Flush, Top right: The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in 01
 bottom: Mac Blush in Prim and Proper (Liberty of London limited edition collection)
As mentioned above, here are some similar shades that add a sun-kissed rosy colour to the cheeks if you have pale to medium skintone:
Swatches: top-Blushbaby;  middle-Tenderling;  bottom-Prim and Proper
Left pan-Tenderling;  Right pan- Blushbaby  Bottom pan- Prim and Proper

So to the left is the finished natural Summer make-up look using all of the products accept Prim and Proper blush, which will certainly be used another day!

For eye make-up, I only chose to wear a little bit of mascara today because it's a Sunday (and also my eyes were a bit sore this morning!

What are your favourite Summer make-up products?

Do you prefer to go more natural in the Summer?

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