Sunday 25 May 2014

An emotional week...

It's been an exhausting and emotional week!

I haven't posted about my job before and I don't think I intend to do so in the future, purely because I like to keep my hobbies separate from my work. But this week was a special one: my tutor group left.

When I gained a tutor group in 2009, I never really envisaged the day when they would leave, nor did I think about whether I would still be at the same school to see them through. 

Watching a group of students through their school lives is such a great experience to have as a teacher. You get to see them grow up and blossom into young adults and it's really only when they hit year 11 (at ages fifteen and sixteen) that you begin to wonder where the time has gone.

We exchanged gifts on Wednesday: they got a goody bag each, complete with a souvenir keyring with a photo of them both in year 7 and 11 inside; they (to my surprise) gave me some lovely, thoughtful gifts. They even bought me a helium balloon that flew off into the sky- how symbolic!

I will have a new group of year 7s next year, but I will never forget my first tutor group. They are a special bunch.

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