Friday 16 May 2014

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms are an affordable range of lip products which are designed to condition and care for your lips. I own three of them and am reasonably impressed, not blown away, but I nevertheless use them daily. 

Application: The formula is moisturising and light rather than grainy or buttery like some lip care products on the market. You are left with a pleasant layer of balm on the lips which feels like it is sinking in somewhat and conditioning. 

Left to right: swatches (Pink Punch, Hydrate and Peach Kiss)                                                                                                        
                                                                   Pink Punch                                       Peach Kiss
The Hydrate balm (blue tube) is colourless, but does give the lips a slight sheen. Pink Punch (pink tube) is the most pigmented of the shades I own and gives a pop of cool fushia to the lips. It is a subtle way to wear a brighter pink, without drawing too much attention. Peach Kiss (purple tube) is my favourite. It imparts a very subtle peachy look to the lips. It looks like you have nothing on, but it makes your lips look pretty and natural.

Scent: I can detect a light, fruity scent that is in no way over the top. There is no taste which is a definite plus. Bitter or chemical-tasting lip products are the worst!

Wear: Maybelline claim that the products last up to 8 hours; I would dispute that they last that long, however it depends if you are eating and drinking. The durability is quite good though and I imagine that for minor dry lip problems, it will hydrate reasonably well for four hours or so. 

Do not expect this product to heal chapped lips, however. When I had dry and sore lips a month or so ago, this was not heavy-duty enough to make any difference.

Would I re-purchase? Yes, I probably would. Not because they are the best lip balms out there, but they are a really handy product to keep in your bag and apply during the day without a mirror. The packaging is also very cute!

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