Saturday 17 May 2014

10 Songs To Dance Around Your Bedroom To

Whether you've just downed a few gins, or just feel like letting off some steam, here is my definitive bedroom-dancing playlist:

Smiley Faces by Gnarls Barkley:
Let's get this party started! This uptempo tune is sure to get you ready for good times.

Acapella by Kelis: I've been a Kelis fan since Kaleidoscope. I love her sass and I love her music videos. The album Flesh Tone that this track comes from is a new direction for Kelis in that it is very much an electronic-dance album. This track is catchy and full of energy.

She Wants To Move by N.E.R.D: 
The video to this is sexy and comical and fun, all rolled into one. When I see Alesha Dixon pull out her moves, I want to join her! What a great track from an amazing album.

Real Thing by the Sugababes: From their debut album, One Touch, this track is shameless pop, yet remains a memorable, fun track with me, even now. The Sugababes could sing, and this album showcases that. 

Everybody by the Backstreet Boys: 
I can remember being made to learn the dance to this video round my best friend Becky's house. I don't think I'd be able to remember it now, but hey, I'd give it a go! I think we all remember the 'zombie' actions, reminiscent of Jackson's Thriller
 (don't pretend you don't. You do).

C'est La Vie by B*Witched: "Some people say I look like me dad"- an amazing opening to a song. The colours, the Irish dancing, the pure unadulterated cheese: yes, this is what we need...

Rhythm Bandits by Junior Senior: 
This Danish pop duo were best known for their song Everybody which I personally didn't like. What did draw my attention was this lesser-known track. I bought the CD single and was delighted to find the music video that drew me in in the first place as a bonus feature. It then became my mission to make my housemates learn the crazy mish-mashed dance routines in my bedroom at uni before we went out. Watch the video: you'll understand!

Dancing Machine by the Jackson Five: This is a must for any dance-in-your-bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter) playlist. I first remember hearing this song on Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. It only features briefly, but Michael dances with a robot I believe. When you hear this song, no matter who you are, you become a dancing machine. And when you become a dancing machine, your life is complete in that very moment.

September by Earth Wind and Fire: 
A Motown classic, guaranteed to get you throwing shapes you never thought possible.

Disco Inferno by Tina Turner: Tina knows how to move. Just look at her in the video, owning that stage. I like Tina because she just doesn't hold back in performance. So to complete your bedroom-dance workout, close that door, put on your sweetest PVC number, and give it all you've got. Alternatively, you might want to do it David Brent style, and throw in a bit of 'Flashdance fused with MC Hammer shit'.

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