Thursday 12 June 2014

Burberry Make-up Look: Natural and Classy

As you will know if you have seen this post, I recently got my hands on some Burberry make-up products which I was really happy about. I'd read about Burberry make-up, particularly the eyeshadows, and really loved the neutral, classy range of shades available.

I like the concept of well-applied, neutral make-up that enhances the wearer's features, rather than screaming "look at me! I'm wearing make-up!" Of course I do also like to experiment with bolder looks from time to time, because make-up is, after all, about fun. When I say 'well-applied' I mean wearing less, but applied with care and thought. I am by no means a professional, but I enjoy learning new techniques and getting better at the application process.

I used all of the products except Pale Barley eyeshadow in the look in the image above. I also added some grey eyeliner pencil (one from Avon) which I winged out ever so slightly and blended with a pencil brush on the upper and lower lashline. To my brows I used Charlotte Tilbury's eyebrow pencil; on my lashes I applied Benefit's They're Real.

To see what the eyeshadows look like up close, here are some pictures:
Burberry Rosewood: today's look

Burberry Pale Barley: I've been wearing this a lot!
  In terms of the quality of these shadows and whether they're worth the hype and pricetag, I would say: definitely. The application is so easy as the texture is buttery soft and blends better than anything I've ever used. The lasting power is great and the colours are beautiful.

In my original post on these (click link above to see it), I showed how similar they were to Mac's Patina and Satin Taupe. If you want similar colours at a more affordable price, these shadows are really good, but the Burberry ones are like the five star versions of the Mac shadows, and there is a subtlety about the colour tones that make them more wearable, for me at least.

The blush in Misty is perfect for my colouring, but mid to darker skintoned people may not find it shows up so well. The blush lasted better than most blushes I own and I did not have to pile it on to get a good amount of pigmentation. This is probably one of my favourite blushes that I own (and that's saying something!).

The Lip Blush in Nude Rose is nice. It's not phenomenal because it is just a clear gloss with a touch of colour. The texture is very comfortable to wear- not at all sticky and soothing on the lips. I like this and I feel that I could rely on it lasting for a good 3-4 hours, so in that sense, I'm glad I bought it, and I will definitely use it.

Has anyone tried any other colours from Burberry? Post your blog links below.

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