Wednesday 11 June 2014

Review: Eye Creams for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Signs of aging often first appear around the eyes. At least, that's what happened with me. For the last 5-6 years, I have been an eye cream convert. If I was smart, I would have been using one many years before I hit my mid twenties!

Eye creams can be pricey, but you have to weigh up the cost against how important it is to preserve healthy skin which often gives people more confidence. For reference, most eye creams come in 15ml (0.5 fl. oz.) and this will typically last me up to six months with morning and evening application.

I own a lot of eye creams and I've tried more than pictured here. I guess we often think that there will be a miracle product that will turn back the hands of time, but alas, it cannot be. What eye creams can do for you is hydrate and improve the look of fine lines, but to my knowledge they will never 'remove' them. Here's my take on the products I own (most of which are samples):

1. Strivectin SD Eye Concentrate for wrinkles, rrp. £55 for 30ml: a high tech cream which works well to smooth out the under eye area. It has a thick gel-cream texture and feels great. This is designed for those who have crow's feet and lines (which is me, unfortunately) and the effects are pleasing.

2. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye, rrp. £24.50 for 15ml: I received this sample recently with a Kiehl's purchase and wow, it is great! It contains essential oils within the cream formula and feels luxurious. Immediately, I notice an improvement under the eyes and in the morning I look much more fresh compared to if I don't use it.

3. Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Firming Eye Serum, rrp. £34 for 15ml: To be honest, for my needs this was too light. It is a pleasant, cooling liquidy-gel, rather than the thickness I expect a serum to be. It would work better on those with less dehydrated undereyes than me.

4. Vichy Seum 10 Eyes and Lashes, rrp. £24.50 for 15ml: The concept is a good one: a serum to apply all over the eye area. This is a nice product for sensitive skin and lightly moisturises lashes, lids and undereyes. I enjoy using this quite a lot, but I probably wouldn't purchase the full size because I like a thicker cream.

5. Nude Advanced Renewal Eye Complex, rrp. £48 for 15ml: I was so happy to be able to buy this in my birthday month. I previously used a Nude eyecream a good few years ago, but then it was discontinued. I loved that version, and I love this too. It contains a cocktail of superior ingredients, such as omega oils, peptides and hydraluronic acid (known for sealing moisture into the skin). It is thick and easily sinks into the skin, giving an immediate softening and plumping effect without any stinging. 

This is my daily eye cream of choice and I wanted to share the results. Although these pictures were taken on different days, you can see my undereye situation in the first picture and the effect of applying the eye complex on the other:
 The only one gripe I have is that the pump distributes just a little too much product, unless you're really careful.

6. Origins Starting Over eye cream, rrp. £28 for 15ml: I purchased this after trying a sample. Luckily for me I got it at a discount too! This is a lovely, light, but effective cream. It almost has a 'bouncy' texture as you put your finger in the pot. It is surprisingly hydrating and feels cooling and soothing. This would be in my top three (after Nude and Strivectin).

7. Murad Essential C eye cream SPF15, rrp. £57 for 15ml: I like this because of the SPF. Why do most eye creams not contain SPF? If Murad can do it, other brands should too. The Vitamin C element appeals to me as it is known for its brightening properties; this also contains retinol, which is great for treating wrinkles. I would purchase the full size if it was on offer, but at £57, it is even more expensive than the Nude cream, which for me is far more nourishing and luxurious-feeling.

Overall, there are some nice products here, with a few that make me feel a lot more confident about my skin. Aging is inevitable, but it is always worth seeking out products to keep undereyes looking as good as they can for the age that you are.

What eye creams do you use, if any?

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  1. Great review, until recently I have never been bothered or used eye creams but think I need to invest in one. Think the Kiehls looks great and in more of my price range.x

  2. It is lovely. I didn't start using eye creams properly until a few years ago either and I wish I had started earlier. Those laughter lines quickly come around and I'm not going to stop laughing, so at least these creams soften them a bit! x