Tuesday 17 June 2014

Review: Eucerin Even Brighter Range

Eucerin Even Brighter is a range of skincare which claims to use B-Resorcinol to reduce the melanin production in the skin. Basically, it gets to work on age spots, pigmentation and freckles and 'brightens' them. 

I am covered in moles and freckles: it is in my genes! I am now more careful with my skin than I have ever been, not so much for vanity reasons, but the fact that with my skin type, I am prone to skin cancer. However, if I could remove some of my moles, I would. Not all of them, I think they can be quirky and give people character; I would just rather have a few less.

The formulation of the day and night creams make them appropriate for many different skin types. They are light, almost gel-cream textured and sink into the skin if not over-applied. They come in 50ml pots, so although they are not the cheapest (or most expensive) creams, they will last you many months. I have used a lot of the day cream and have really enjoyed the fact that it leaves a 'glow' to the skin and works well under make-up. The fact that it contains SPF30 makes me very happy and reassured.
Left: night cream        Right: day cream
 The night cream is nice, but I own richer products that I prefer, having dehydrated skin. Thinking about it, I may return to it tonight and see how it works over a serum. The fragrance is low down on the list of ingredients and the light floral scent is pleasant.

The spot corrector enables you to target areas of pigmentation with its doe-foot applicator. I did think I started to notice a little fading of freckles after a few weeks, however I came to the conclusion pretty quickly that (a) I wasn't committed enough to remember to use this on a daily basis and (b) my moles are here to stay, unless I go under a laser!
 And do you know what? I think I can cope with that.

I have been using a range of other products since the time that I stopped using these regularly (namely AHA and Vitamin C-based), which also help to improve the look of pigmentation. This is how my skin looks now in daylight and I do think using brightening products can help the overall look of your skin, but if you are after complete fading, you'd have to use these products religiously. Even then, I don't think I'd ever have a blank canvas because the pigmentation in my freckles is dark.

Eucerin's Even Brighter range is currently available in Boots (and at the time of writing, is on offer). 

I recommend the day cream in particular for the texture and SPF alone.   

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