Tuesday 8 July 2014

A Few of My Favourite Things #4 (June 2014)

Currently wearing

  American Apparel Interlock Pencil Skirts

I adore these skirts and wear them to work a lot. The fabric is soft, thick jersey material and on me, they fall to just above the knee (I'm very short). They are fitted and look really smart and stylish with any top. It saddens me that American Apparel don't seem to re-stock the colours very often because I really want a blue and grey version; I have just purchased a stripey one and can't wait to wear it! 


Currently playing  

  Medicine by Matt Berry

Let's be honest, I love Matt Berry every month. I can't get enough of him! I posted about seeing him live back in April: it was amazing to see him after being a lover of his music for many years. This song, Medicine, is uplifting and was one of my favourites live.

Currently applying 

                      Dove Maximum Protection Anti-perspirant deodrant


Not a glamourous choice this month, but a necessary one, especially as the weather heats up! I have been using this for a few weeks and it works like a dream so far. I have the Pomegranite and Lemon Verbena scent and it is really fruity and fresh. It is a twist-up cream formula and dries down quickly. Without going into too many gory details, other deodrants have to be re-applied throughout the day to keep me feeling confident, particularly as I work in a hot building and do I relatively stressful job! This stuff is really has amazing lasting power (48 hours according to the brand). I only have to re-apply after showering every day. For around £5, this is well-worth a try.
Currently watching

Big Brother (UK)  

I am well aware that many people see Big Brother as trash TV, but that makes me love it more! I don't think I've ever missed a series of this reality TV show; I don't tend to have high opinions of the people on the show because they are usually egotistical oiks who are deparate for quick fame. There are plenty of obnoxious characters in there this Summer (Helen is abhorrent), however watching people interact is quite fascinating. Chris needs to win- he's the only witty housemate this year and seems to be a decent enough guy.

Currently spritzing 
Tresemme Heat Protect Mist

I had my hair re-highlighted last month and am so far keeping it in really good condition. I don't use heat everyday to style my hair, but when I do, I am currently using this by Tresemme. It claims to have a UV filter and be good for coloured hair, so that makes me happy, especially when the sun becomes more intense and can frazzle our barnets. It's cheap and seems to be doing the trick (although I use other products to keep my lighter hair in good nick too). The spray could be a finer mist, but for under a fiver, it's a decent product.

Currently reading

 Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Last month there was nothing to report on the reading front; this month I have been getting stuck into Wuthering Heights like a wild reading-beast. I devoured two thirds of the novel in two days, and as I write this, I have a few chapters left. It was first published in 1847 and has a gothic atmosphere from the onset. The male and female protagonists, Heathcliff and Catherine are so fascinating because they are so demented and dark. The novel challenges many Victorian ideas, such as gender roles and the negative implications of religion. Having already read and loved Jane Eyre, I loved this just as much if not more.
Currently eating

Weetabix Crispy Minis

They're not the healthiest breakfast cereal, but they're rather delicious. As you can see I have a BIG FAMILY PACK, however I do not share these if I can help it! I also like the normal size chocolate Weetabix (probably more so, but I wait until it's on offer to pounce on those bad boys!).
Currently admiring

By Terry Hyalauronic Hydra-Powder
This is a filthy-expensive face powder which has the most amazing reviews. I will be saving up to buy this because it seems like it is perfect for my skin type: it hydrates the skin whilst blurring fine lines and taking away shine. My skin is crying out for this product, but for now I will just be admiring it from afar...

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