Monday 7 July 2014

The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop, for the longest time, were a brand I had long left behind. I had fond memories of the bath pearls that burst in the bath and the fruit-shaped novelty soaps, but I didn't shop there at all until a year or so ago. 

I have posted previously about their cleansing balm and have also used their toners for the last six months or so. Although, in my opinion, they could really do with re-branding to bring them into the modern marketplace, their product innovation has definitely moved with the times.

Their Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelee (Limited Edition) is amazing and I have already bought this twice since it came out. The scent is nice and fruity and the scrub is great to keep your skin smooth and soft; avoiding ingrown hairs if you shave or wax your legs, and preparing skin for fake tan application. In the sale (including a discount code), I picked up two for £3 each! 

I also picked up the Rainforest Hair Butter in the sale to try and a Strawberry hand gel.

The All-in-One BB Cream in Light is also something I managed to purchase for only £7.20 with discount! I have tried it once and it is an interesting formula which comes out of the tube as a white cream and applies as a colour once rubbed into the skin. It seems to have some moisturising benefits and some decent coverage, but it may be a little darker than my skintone. I may review it once I've tried it out properly.

Finally, I bought the Peppermint Soothing Foot-Scrub and Intensive Foot Rescue (a moisturising mask); also, some cotton socks to wear overnight when moisturising my feet. My feet are battered from wearing heels every day at work, so I'm hoping to get them in better condition over the Summer.

Overall, The Body Shop have amazing discount codes (often up to 40% off) on a regular basis, so it's definitely worth joining their mailing list to take advantage of these deals. 

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