Saturday 5 July 2014

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Eyebrow Pencil

Charlotte Tilbury is a renowned UK make-up artist who came out with her own make-up line last year. It is a well thought out and luxurious collection which appealed to me because her products are beautiful and often unique.

I reviewed one of her blushes here.

I have waited a while to review the Brow Lift Pencil, mainly because I wondered whether this would be a product that I ended up using regularly, or not. My eyebrows are luckily fairly unscathed from the ridiculous over-plucking rituals of my teens. They aren't particularly full, but not too sparse either. I pluck and thread them myself when I can be bothered and my preference is for them to look natural, but shaped. Bold brows may be fashionable and look great on others, but I don't want 'wow brows' myself; I don't particular want people fixating on them too much!

Charlotte Tilbury's pencil is firm in texture, so it allows you to build up product naturally, filling in sparse areas. The pencil is flat and angled so it helps you to shape as you shade. There is a small brush to use on the other end of the pencil, which is fantastic for 'styling' brows and ensuring the product is distributed evenly. In addition, there is a hidden browbone higher included. I don't really use this, I even forgot it was there and didn't photograph it!

I chose the colour Grace K, named after the famous movie star. It is the lightest colour: a light brown- perfect for light brown or blonde-haired folk. 

Overall, this product has been a bit of a revelation for me: I can rely on it to make my brows look full and natural and I reach for it almost every day.

For more information: see here.

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