Sunday 6 July 2014

How to keep blonde highlights bright, featuring Bleach London products


I had my hair subtly highlighted about a year ago, and recently I had it re-done to go a bit blonder for Summer. I wanted it to look 'grown-in' and not put bleach on my roots, so my hairdresser did a full head of randomly placed highlights through the lengths. This what it looked like after I got it done.

In dimmer lights it looks more light brown and in the direct sunlight it is a medium blonde with some lighter pieces.
Suprisingly, my fine and dry hair has accepted the bleach well, but I have been taking good care of it by using frequent conditioning treatments. I have also been using Bleach London products a few times a week to maintain the ashy tones and banish brassiness.

The shampoo and conditioner have violet pigments that help to keep blondes looking fresh. I have found that they work really well. The conditioner makes hair soft and easy to de-tangle. These cost me £5 each from Boots and Reincarnation Mask was only £6. The mask is, for me, a cheaper alternative to products like Philip Kingsley's Elasticiser, which is great for deep conditioning, but very expensive.

It is reassuring to have these products because my highlights sometimes look a little yellowy, especially as the blonde is not quite as cool-toned as I would like it. For now, I like the grungy, grown-out look, but I may get some cool blonde put through my roots next time I decide to colour it.

For now, you can see that in daylight, these products are keeping my hair vibrant and healthy.

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