Monday 18 August 2014

Bellowhead at Wickham Festival

What can I say about my experience of Wickham Festival 2014? I'll say simply that it was amazing! We only dropped in for the Sunday afternoon, particularly because Bellowhead were headlining, but it was also great to see some other incredible folk acts such as Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker and Kris Drever; Steve Knightley's Wake the Union; and Altan. 

I didn't realise that Steve Knightley was the man behind the amazing Centenary: Words & Music of The Great War album which I fell in love with recently after using it at work when the students did a WW1-themed day of remembrance. Lads in their Hundreds was a moving song to hear live and it was fantastic to see a crowd of people together enjoying tracks from this most poignant album.

The atmosphere at the festival was so friendly and relaxed, with people of all different ages having a great time in the sunshine. There was something for everyone in terms of food and entertainment, including a cinema tent and a virtual coconut shy! Here are some snaps I took as the afternoon turned into the evening:
Bellowhead were phenomenal and the crowd were invited on more than one occasion to jig along with the band (not that they needed encouragement!). The talent of this eleven-piece band is something you have to witness live at least once in your life, no matter what music taste you have. The chemistry between the members and the energy they put into every song gives you a constant smile on your face and you can't help but want to be part of it.

They played quite a few songs from Revival, their new album, including Gosport Nancy, which was always going to be a crowd-pleaser! My favourite was New York Girls, which is the ultimate upbeat folk song, guaranteed to lift your mood sky-high. 

I am so happy that I got to attend this spectacular event and will definitely be looking into going again next year. If you're anywhere near the area, I suggest you do to!
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