Tuesday 19 August 2014

Review: Nars Light Reflecting Setting (Pressed) Powder

Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder is a beautiful product. I have it in the pressed form and have been using it now for many months.

This translucent powder is well worth the price in my opinion. It is not like any other powder I have ever used. There are many affordable pressed powders out there that claim to give a 'glowy' effect, but often the effect is less 'glowy', more glittery. The difference I have found with this product is that it imparts the most minute shimmer particles onto the skin, so fine that it looks very natural and healthy.

People always talk about 'receiving compliments' when wearing products. One of my lovely work colleagues has commented on how 'glowing' my skin looked on a few occasions, and although I'd like to think it was all down to my relentless skincare regiment, I actually put it down to this.

This photo captures the product well in direct sunlight and shows the true beauty of it's shimmer. Don't worry, under regular lighting, it just looks like a white powder. You also don't look like Edward Cullen when you apply this, as it blends into skin and actually works to mattify shiny areas, whilst giving a subtle glow.

I have dry skin and I do not find it to leave my face dehydrated or flakey. This can be linked to the fact that it contains glycerin and Vitamin E. On oilier skins it should keep oil at bay, however I cannot say whether it has a long-lasting effect, not having this skin type myself. For sensitive skinned folks, it also contains no fragrance or parabens, so it should be ok to try.

You get 7g of product for £26, although I think I picked mine up at HQhair.com with a discount code. This is a product that is pricey, there's no getting away from that, but it's well worth investing in if you want to achieve the look of a perfect glowy finish. I can see myself getting through this and re-purchasing it in the future; it works magically for me!

What product gives you confidence in your skin?
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  1. You have to love hq hair and their promo codes, have you tried hourglass ambient lighting powders? They are very similar.

    1. I have tried the blushes but not the powders. I really love the blushes! x

  2. One of my ABSOLUTE favorite setting powders. Its so convenient and fuss free. Hit pan on this one and will definiltey buy a backup. I've tried the hourglass ambient lighting powders but unfortunately those werent quite as lovely ( to me!)

    1. I don't think this gets as much attention as the Hourglass, but you're right about it being lovely. x