Wednesday 13 August 2014

Review: Nars Lip Gloss (Belize and Supervixen)

Supervixen (top); Belize (bottom)
Today's review is focusing on Nars Lip gloss in the shades Belize and Supervixen- two neutrals with sparkle.

As you can see from the packaging, these are not recent purchases as Nars have changed the tubes recently from frosted plastic to transparent plastic. The new packaging looks like this:

I think the newer packaging looks 'cleaner' as the frosted tubes obscure the true colour of the gloss; you don't get a true sense of the prettiness of the gloss in the old packaging. Apparently the new glosses have 0.10 oz less product in them, but the tubes are taller and thinner to give the illusion of abundance. Many companies pull tricks like this with new releases of old products and presumably expect customers not to notice. This is definitely something I will keep in mind when considering whether or not to purchase any new shades.

Onto the positives: the glosses come with doe foot applicators and apply smoothly on the lips. They feel moisturising, but not sticky. This is a big plus for me because I find Mac's lip gloss very sticky. I own a lot of Mac glosses from my earlier days of collecting and barely use them for this reason.

The formulation is tasteless and thick enough to last a good 3-4 hours on the lips. the effect once applied looks really reflective and luxurious:

 Belize                                                                                                 Supervixen
Belize is a light mauve-pink with gold sparkles and Supervixen is a sheer mauve with silver sparkles. The glitter in the gloss is small and doesn't feel gritty. In fact, it catches the light perfectly without people thinking you've plastered glitter on your lips.

Top: Belize; bottom: Supervixen
These glosses are not cheap at £18.50, so they are a product that you might save as a treat, unless you have a large budget. I may purchase in the distant future, but otherwise, I am happy with owning just two. I love the two colours I own and wouldn't hesitate to put them in my bag on a night out. I love the neutral colours, so they also sometimes get worn in the day if I feel like a bit of glitz!

Do you wear lip gloss? If so, which brands do you think are worth purchasing? 
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