Tuesday 26 August 2014

Topshop: Metallic make-up and berry tones for Autumn

Topshop have some gorgeous new metallic lipsticks and cream blushes in, ready for Autumn. I went to investigate and picked up Armour lipstick and Pulse cream blush. Both are beautiful and on trend for the new season.
Armour is a rich rose gold colour which does not feel at all gritty or dry on the lips. In fact, it wore comfortably on me for over four hours. This is the first Topshop lipstick that I've tried and I am pleasantly surprised. There are three other metallic lipsticks that have been recently released, including a colour called Drive which Topshop call a 'cyber purple'. I was ever so slightly tempted to pick that colour up too, but I didn't think I'd wear it very often.

Pulse is a welcome addition to my Topshop cream blush collection (see the others that I own here). I love the fact that these blushes provide fun, pigmented colour that blend into something very wearable and understated. Topshop describe Pulse as 'blossom pink' in colour. It is a lighter pink shade when swatched, but the golden sheen gives it a peach tone in certain lights. Either way, it gives the cheeks a beautiful glow that looks subtle enough to be worn in the day as well as the evening.

Whilst on the jewel-toned buying theme, I also purchased this lovely scallop-hemmed top in one of my favourite shades: berry red. I thought this would work really well with high-waisted jeans and skirts. These tops come in a variety of colours and are a cute transition piece from Summer to early Autumn when the sun is still shining in September.

Will you be investing in any new make-up or clothing as we head towards Autumn?

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  1. These both look lovely, love the top too! I love topshop makeup, especially their cream blushes and lipsticks!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. So do I. They're so fun and affordable! x

  3. Great review and I need that blusher in my collection! The swatch is just so pretty. I'll have to give the metallic lipstick a miss though, I'm too old to try and pull off that colour. LOL!

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thank you Shireen. You should definitely check out the blush. You're never too old! x

      Beautiful Life as I know it

  4. What a pretty top! and both the lipstick and the blush have a great shade to them. I need to go to topshop!

  5. The make-up at Topshop is affordable which is great because some of the clothing can be expensive. Thanks for commenting x