Monday 25 August 2014

Portsmouth in Pictures (and a few words!)

I moved to Portsmouth to go to university in 2002 and remained living there for the following ten years. As soon as I stepped off the train at Portsmouth and Southsea and walked through Guildhall Square, I knew it was the place for me; the streets are bustling with all walks of life and there's always something to see or do, whether it be a walk by the sea or a look around the shops.

I had lunch with a friend at Gunwharf Quays today, so I took some pictures on my way to meet her. 

The photo above is of Margaret Rule Halls of Residence, which is where I lived for my first year at uni when I was eighteen years old. It was a time of freedom and madness, that's for sure... Ironically, my room looked out over the Secondary School I ended up working at as a Teaching Assistant once I had graduated. Never did I imagine that when I 'grew up' I would be a teacher! When I started my degree I had no idea where my life would go. I certainly didn't know whether I could be successful at anything.

Sometimes I still feel like I should be eighteen, even though I'm no longer even in my twenties! It sounds like such a young age to me now, yet I sometimes still feel like the girl I was over a decade ago. Then I really think about it and realise how far I've come since that day when I stepped off the train and marvelled at living in a city, miles away from home. 

Do you have fond memories of being eighteen, or do you intend to make them?
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  1. I've never been before but it looks really nice there, the architecture looks amazing! x

    Notes of Petranella

    1. I do miss living there sometimes. There are lots of different places in and around the city- it's well worth a visit. x