Saturday 21 February 2015

A Red Lip Look for Cool Skintones, featuring Avon's Scarlet Siren

Red lipstick looks amazing on many women, but it's somewhat unfamiliar territory for me. I know that blue-toned reds are the best choice for those with cool (pink) undertones to their skin, so I purchased Avon's Scarlet Siren some time ago and wanted to start wearing it. With some winged liner and subtle shadow, I created an everyday classic red lip look which even I would brave on a weekend from daytime to evening. Enjoy!

Scarlet Siren is an Ultra Colour lipstick by Avon in a 'soft matte' formula. This isn't a matte lipstick, but more of a pigmented cream formula. The colour is a mid, blue-toned red which is a classy tone for all occasions.

To apply the lipstick I used a red lipliner (a cheap one) and then filled the lips in after tracing my natural lipline. I then blotted the lipstick over the lips, blotted and repeated the process for maximum lasting power. This lipstick feels moisturising on the lips.

I used Nars' All About Eve from my Narsissist palette for a shimmery nude eyeshadow look. To make red lips wearable for me, there's no way I could do a dramatic eye for the daytime.

To create a fine winged liner I used Urban Decay's cream liner in Perversion. This product has a smooth texture which makes it easier to apply than some other liners. It's also really black, which provides a contrast to the red lips. I won't lie, unless you're skilled at it (I'm not!) making your eyeliner perfect is really difficult, but it is trial and error. I keep cotton buds and eye make-up remover handy to clear up any mistakes!

The mascara that I am wearing in the photo is the new Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I really like this so far and it is a lot more affordable than Benefit Rollerlash which is soon to be released and has a similar brush and effect. 
With a little sweep of Mac's Tenderling across the cheekbones, I completed the face. 
I really like the results. What do you think? Do you enjoy wearing red lipstick?
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