Sunday 5 July 2015

A Few of my Favourite Things #11 (June 2015)

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Hello! I am back from my three-month hiatus! I have moved and have been working hard- so hard that I've ended up sacrificing blogging for a while. Happily, it is now Summer time and I will soon have some time freed up to return to posting on more of a regular basis. In true Summer style, I have been loving my sunglasses and wear them whenever it's not raining. They were from a brand called M:UK from Asos a few years ago. They were quite affordable and they fit my small face!

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What Say You podcast

I love the show Impractical Jokers. It is a hidden camera show from the US where four lifelong friends dare each other to complete silly and embarrassing challenges. I found the What Say You podcast and I've been whiling away many a hour or two listening to these two guys. Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn are comedy gold. They discuss everything from random trivia to anecdotes from their lives and their quirky personalities make this an addictive listen. You can tell they love making the show and they never fail to cheer me up.       

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                     Self Tan Lotion by Vita Liberata

I do not and will not tan. I am a pale girl with sun-sensitive skin and I refuse to put myself at risk of skin cancer nowadays. I say this because there was a time when I refused to believe that I couldn't tan when I was in my early twenties and ended up getting burnt plenty of times. I was dumb. I now wear SPF50 as a matter of course and embrace the paleness for most of the year. However, I like a bit of colour in the Summer and generally do a bit of self-tanning. I found this lotion in Boots and I like it.  It doesn't smell like other fake tanners; it gives a subtle and streak-free colour, and it is a nice smooth texture. It isn't the cheapest or the most expensive on the market, but I enjoy using it and find it works better than any other tanner I have used, including Xen Tan. and St. Tropez.

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Big Brother 

I thought this was going to be the year that I moved on from Big Brother. I watched the first show and then just didn't really bother. But then I watched a few episodes a few weeks in and got addicted as usual. Most people I know have nothing but bad things to say about this program. They don't watch it and call it 'trash'. I embrace the so-called 'trash TV' like a dear friend, and that's exactly what Big Brother is to me: an old friend. This year has been captivating with some truly disgusting and disturbing human beings in the cast. Helen Wood (super-villain winner from last year), Nikki Graeme (BB Legend) and Brian Bello (a lovable doofus and also an ex housemate) were put in to spice things up and they certainly did. Helen was as diabolical as ever and Nikki was a blast from the past (though oddly, in her 30s she still behaves like a small child). I want Danny to win at the moment because he's the most level-headed and 'normal'. Having said that, I may change my mind as we near the final few weeks... If anyone else is currently watching- who do you want to win?

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Philip Kingsley Dry Shampoo

This is my favourite dry shampoo. It's not the clearest formula (you do have to massage in some white powder), but it leaves my hair feeling far more clean than any other product. It also has a subtle fragrance rather than an obnoxious, fake perfume. It isn't as cheap as some of the supermarket brands, but I managed to get my hands on this with a birthday voucher, along with some other PK products. Philip Kingsley is a hair specialist so I do trust the products and find they work for me. 
As it's in the background, I'll sneak in another favourite and say that Diptyque's 'Muguet' candle is also a favourite. It is a Lily of the Valley scent which reminds me of my grandmother and brings happy Summery vibes to my bedroom as I sit and do my planning for work! My brother bought me the candle holder (also from Diptyque) and I think it looks so classy on my make-up area.   
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A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller

I'm currently starting to teach this to year 10 and I hadn't read it before. This play is set in the 1950's when many Italians illegally emigrated to New York. The characters are so well-written and three dimensional to the point where you find yourself having your perceptions changed throughout the course of the action. I think this may well be an eye-opener for the students I teach because we are living in times where 'immigration' can be an emotive word and other issues in the play (like homophobia) are not always discussed as openly as they could be. This is a raw play with so many thought-provoking aspects.

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Kellogg's Special K Granola
This has been mentioned before in a previous post, but I do eat it pretty much every morning, so it deserved another mention. I like the apple and raisins variety the best, but I also buy the green pack which has cranberrries and almonds. This is superior to other granola brands in my opinion. It has seeds and nuts to give it crunch and the dried fruit is nice and sharp to contrast. I eat it with Greek Yoghurt and find it very filling and mood-lifting in the morning. It is meant to be healthy (and it does feel it), but I eat it just as much for the taste as the health benefits.

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I was really inspired by the documentary 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' which I watched some time ago. It is narrated by an overweight Australian who helps another morbidly obese guy to 'juice' his way back to health. It was really interesting and admirable to see how they stuck to a juice diet and their health problems were eradicated by a change in lifestyle. I am planning to do a short detox followed by incorporating fresh juice into my diet. I want to be fitter and eat less crap (like many people) and Summer is always a good time to push myself to make some changes because I am out of the daily grind of a long, tiring day. Watch this space!

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