Sunday 16 August 2015

The Best Neutral/Nude Mac eye shadows: swatches

Back in 2012 when I started experimenting with blogging, I posted about my favourite neutral Mac eyeshadows and that post still remains in my top 10 most visited! It's a testament to some of those shades that I am now blogging about them three years later and enjoying them just as much as I did back then. I feel like I can be more objective about Mac as a brand now than I was when I first started buying from them. This was back when Youtubers were raving about Mac left, right and centre; now it seems that other brands have come into the limelight and especially with the Urban Decay Naked franchise being so popular, Mac isn't necessarily the brand everyone looks to first for eye shadow anymore. Saying that, my two travel-friendly quads are something I turn to on a regular basis for my everyday make-up. To me, that gave me enough incentive to begin this post- that and the fact that my the photos in my original one were horrendous!

As you can see, I prefer matte or satin shadows because I think they are better for everyday, work-friendly wear. Personally, I find them more timeless and classic-looking on people of any age (bear in mind that I'm not 21 anymore!) 

1. Soba- gold brown with gold shimmer (Satin)
This is a lovely warm-toned shadow with very fine shimmer, nothing too over-the-top, but great for a wash of colour. This is not dissimilar from Modelette, but appears less peachy on the eye. Soba can apply a little patchy on me and requires good blending.  

2. Patina- taupe brown with golden pearl (Frost)
A favourite of many, this is a unique shade with the ability to look slightly duo-chrome. In certain lights it can have a slightly pinkish-green tone like tarnished bronze- hence the name 'patina'. It is not too pearlescent, which I personally find makes many of the Urban Decay Naked shadows too much for everyday.

3. All Races- cool toned grey-lilac (matte) 
This was a limited edition shade from the All Races, All Sexes, All Ages collection back in 2010. I have a back up that I found in a CCO some time ago which I'm happy about because this is one of Mac's more unique eye shadows and who knows when or if it will be re-released. Having green eyes, I find purple toned shadows to suit me and this one is so light and subtle that it is a great all over the lid shade. It can also work as a base to build other shadows upon. It isn't at all chalky and blends really easily.

4. Modelette- soft medium brown with shimmer (Satin)
Another limited edition colour, Modelette came out with the Warm and Cozy collection of 2009. I love it more now than I did when I first got it because back then I tended to think that warm shadows didn't suit me as much as cool-toned. Having had years to experiment, I actually now feel like warm colours can work well with my colouring if done right. This is soft both in its application and its colour on the lid, but it can be built up quickly for more impact. I hope they re-release it one day.

5. Era- soft golden beige with shimmer (Satin)
This my most recent purchase from Mac. I bought it because it felt like it was a shadow I would wear a lot (and I absolutely do). Also, now and again I like to scout out Mac's huge collection of products and re-kindle my old love of adding to my library of colours! Era is perfect for a put together, quick, early-morning make-up look. It never looks stark, blends like a dream, and has the ideal balance of undertone (doesn't lean too warm or cool) and shimmer. If I could recommend any shadow it would be this one and also:

6. Quarry- soft muted plum-brown (matte)
My favourite Mac product of all time! I have sung its praises before and I'll do it again. Quarry is understated and beautiful. It is the perfect shade to bring out green eyes without looking like you've overdone it and you can see I've got my money's worth! Of course, I have a back up waiting in my drawer, but I love getting the final bit of use out of it (even if it proved difficult to swatch). Quarry does require that you blend it well with a decent brush, but it is well worth it for the classy and effortless look it gives.

7. Omega- soft muted beige-taupe (matte)
I didn't purchase Omega until a year or so ago, but it is a great matte to own. A lot of blondes use it for their eyebrows and I can see why because it leans gray, rather than warm-toned. It is good for blending with other colours if you want to soften crease work.

8. Malt- soft pinkish-beige (matte)
I like the rosy tone to this pale matte shadow. It is good for when you want simply make-up or to blend out other, more pigmented shadow.

What are your favourite Mac eye shadows?
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