Friday 14 August 2015

Candles I'm Currently Burning (Summer Edition)

Much to the horror of my bank balance, I have a penchant for luxury candles, but I do tend to burn them sparingly. I currently have two on the go: Diptyque's Muguet and Jo Malone's Sweet Almond & Macaroon. 

The Jo Malone candle was a generous gift from my partner for my last birthday in April- so you can see what I mean when I say I savour my luxury items! It smells exactly like almonds with a sugary sweetness which is not too overpowering, but will scent a room nicely. It came in a gorgeous box which I have kept for storing items inside.

Muguet by Diptyque is a Lily of the Valley scent which is delicately floral and reminds me of my Nanna. It was her favourite flower and it makes me feel calm and relaxed. The fragrance is not as powerful as the likes of Baies, rather the scent comes in wafts and definitely leaves a room with a lovely white flowery fragrance- very fitting for Spring into Summer.

I'd also like to show off the amazing candle holder my brother bought me. It is a glass globe which houses both the small and the standard size candles. I love how you can see the candles through the glass and also that the flames are protected (so it feels a lot safer). This is a beautiful centrepiece for my dressing table and I love using it.

Do you burn candles in the Summertime?
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