Tuesday 5 September 2017

A Photo a Day #249

New Home

So this is part of the Folkestone Triennial arts project in which artists are commissioned to produce some conceptual pieces for the town. These pieces often remain as permanent fixtures for years to come and add so much interest and culture to a place that was seen by many to be a bit of a decaying seaside resort in the past.

Richard Woods is the artist behind a set of installations called 'Holiday Home' which look quirky and colourful in their various positions around the town, but also explore a darker issue; in a country where people struggle to get on the property ladder or worse still are homeless, conversely we have many empty homes where the wealthier of society may have two or more properties. I liked the contrast of the old Edwardian seaside buildings in the background here- probably holiday retreats for the rich in their day. To read more about 'Holiday Home' click here. More photos to come over the next few days as they made for interesting images.

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