Friday 29 September 2017

A Photo a Day #273

Hands up for Rock 'n Roll

Maisie grooming herself in the garden. She is definitely a badass cat, hence the title of this photo. Yesterday she was chased up a ridiculously tall tree with really sparse branches by the cat next door. Both cats appeared to be stuck and Maisie was being hissed at by the other cat. It was a stand off. Like the adventurer she is, Maisie managed to shimmy down the tree like a bear, past the other cat and back to us and the Dreamies that we had in our hands. The other cat was left looking sheepish and miaowing for help. It's ok, she did get down eventually, after hissing at my partner when he tried to climb up and get her! 

"Don't mess with Maisie," is the moral of the story.

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