Sunday 8 October 2017

Trying DECIEM Skincare Products (The Ordinary, Hylamide and NIOD)

Deciem products are much talked about in the beauty world currently. One of the key reasons for this is that they offer ranges of skincare for an array of budgets and focus on the science behind effective skincare. I am by no means an expert, but through my interest in skincare, I have read up quite a lot about the types of ingredients to look when investing in anti-aging products that actually work. I have tried three products- one from each of the main Deciem brands and I have some opinions to share. 

The Ordinary is the most affordable and (from what I have seen) the most talked about brand under the Deciem umbrella. I have tried out the 'Buffet' anti-aging peptide serum which owes its name to the fact that it contains many (11 apparently) amino acids as well as hyaluronic acid. The serum doesn't contain alcohol or silicones which can dry out or coat the skin. The hyaluronic acid allows moisturisers that you place over the top to absorb more goodness into the skin as this acid attracts moisture.

In my earlier experiences of using hyaluronic acid products, I was concerned to note that they actually left my skin feeling tight and dry. This is before I understood that you need to apply a moisturising product over it to get the benefits. With proper use, my dry, flake-prone skin loves hyaluronic acid serums because they act as a 'magnet' for moisture helps me to get the best out of my skin. I am able to use cheaper moisturisers on top because I know that my serum is going to go to work at keeping my skin well fed with moisture! 

'Buffet' is a watery serum with no detectable scent. It is applied using a pipette and feels very 'basic' compared to other, more oily or rich serums. I have not seen any dramatic results on the occasions where I wear it, however it absorbs well and I like to think that it boosts the well-being of my skin. I tend to use it in the morning as a first step after cleansing.

At around £12 for 30ml (which will last a long time as you only use a few drops at a time), it is a great starter serum for those wanting to age beautifully and keep skin looking healthy and plump. It is cruelty free and vegan.

Hylamide is the next Deciem brand up in terms of price point. You can buy these products readily in Boots in the UK, but all Deciem brands are widely available online. I purchased the 'Booster Sensitive Fix' for £18 which claims to reduce sensitivity and redness. I sometimes have flare ups or allergic reactions which I wanted to arm myself for. When you are as pro-active with your skincare as I am, using chemical exfoliants and retinol products regularly, you want to know that you are allowing your face to have 'calming' periods in the week where it can take breaks from more active products. 

This comes in a 30ml glass (rather than plastic, like The Ordinary products) bottle with a pipette and is a similar watery texture to 'Buffet'. It is also cruelty free and vegan without any silicones or alcohol. It is soothing and feels cool on the skin, so I imagine if I was to have a flare up it would work well to calm it down. I am yet to put it to the test in that sense, but I currently use it as a preventative measure a few times a week following use of more harsh products.  

Finally, NIOD: the most expensive Deciem brand; the one I have heard (when compared to The Ordinary and Hylamide) has the most concentrated and efficacious formulas. 

I have the 'Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate' from NIOD which comes in a brown glass bottle containing 15ml of product. This was expensive at £43, but in my opinion it is the best product I have ever used on my eyes! Yes, I highlighted that point because it is quite a claim. It is ironic that I have grown to love this so much because the first time I used it, I had an allergic reaction. I now put this down to possibly having another (scented) lotion or potion on my fingers and not washing them before applying this onto my undereyes. I think this because I haven't had a reaction since that first use.

I can see why some people may be turned off from Deciem, particularly the NIOD line. The scientific language they use in their product descriptions is an absolute minefield for a regular consumer. Here's a little example of what I mean in the description of the 'Fractionated Eye Complex', taken from the Deciem website:

  • Fibroblast DronePerhaps a most advanced skin technology available, this suspension contains extraordinary capsules that secure a pro-HA peptide within a polymer core that is surrounded by a Heptapeptide to specifically bind to targets before release, exponentiating delivery and effectiveness to an accuracy level previously impossible. No technology today delivers the visible filling activity of this truly complex system to support Hyaluronic Acid."
  • I'm not even going to try and translate that.
  • Here's what I understand: this eye serum contains no oils, alcohol or silicones, but it does contain peptides and highly effective forms of hyaluronic acid (known to help with fine lines and hydration). I have 30-something somewhat crepey undereyes and the skin above my eyelids is just starting to show signs of some very minor sagging. I want to keep my eyes as hydrated and nurtured as possible, so I look for an eye product that can provide this. Let me tell you, the 'Fractionated Eye Concentrate' makes my eyes feel and look great! I have used it nearly every day for a few months and my crows' feet are kept soft and healthy! They are there, but only if you are really looking for them. 

  • The texture of this serum is really interesting. It is a golden liquid which is quite runny, but less so than the other Deciem serums I have mentioned. It is patted under the eyes and even onto the eyelids. I find it seems to just sink in with only a small amount of product left on the surface of the skin. The serum is not greasy, but does feel silky. I only apply a tiny drop onto my hand and then use my fingertip to apply to both eyes. Despite the shaky start with this product and its strange runny texture, it is now a favourite and a pleasure to use.

  • To sum up this very wordy post- Deciem is a bit of contradiction; it can be off-putting with its wonderfully confusing, scientific jargon and peculiar-sounding products. Don't let that put you off if you want skincare that has research behind it and good quality ingredients for a price to suit you. The Ordinary and Hylamide are great places to get your anti-aging staples (vitamin C, retinol, hyaluronic acid, peptide serums) and for those who are already serious about skincare, NIOD is definitely worth a look. When I run out of my Indeed Labs Vitamin C Cream, I will definitely be doing some research into what Deciem has to offer.

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