Sunday 14 January 2018

Triptych of the Week #2

Circles of Time
On January the 1st, I felt at quite a loss. Not really one for change, the new year business is always bittersweet for me; the loss of the old and familiar, yet also the feeling that something new and exciting should be happening. The bleak weather, the passing of Christmas, the impending idea of going back to work: it's a dark cloud which I feel guilty for allowing to cover me. Do we all feel this way at this time of year?

Then there's the familiarity of the whole process of starting a new year in which I will get a year older. The neuroses of time slipping by and not achieving what I think I should; the fatal flaw of not living in each precious moment. I've got a bit better at that, but there's still the pining after those memories once they're gone. We're complicated creatures aren't we.

So this triptych expresses the cyclical nature of our years. The cold season and the feelings that come with it. I chose the final shot (ironically the first I took which inspired the 'circle' theme) to complete the triptych. It is there to represent newness and growth. 

I'll leave it on that more positive note!

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