Sunday 7 January 2018

Triptych of the Week #1

The Park

Taken in Tonbridge park, these photos document a solitary stroll around the perimeter of this wide, green space. 

I used the zoom feature on the top and bottom photos, more out of wanting to be inconspicuous than anything else. I also shot using the 'pop colour' feature for these shots. The difference in vibrancy between the top and bottom is a happy accident, but adds to the narrative. 

As a kid, I loved the zip-line; the man with his dogs was also a solitary stroller who I passed on my walk and then captured later. He was sat on a bench with his two dogs for company. I thought about asking to take his photo then and there, but it seemed quite obtrusive as he was clearly out to have some time to himself, perhaps a pre-Christmas day breather. The goalposts in the two images tie them quite nicely, I think.

The middle shot was taken with a slower shutter speed; I achieved more or less what I wanted here. The framing could be better in this image, but I chose this one because the foot was in shot and the shape of my coat with the button looked better than in some of the others.

So this is my first attempt at a triptych and I hope to produce some interesting images this year, pushing myself to tell some stories with my photography.

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