Monday 13 April 2020

Makeup Monday #5 Easy Eyeliner

Flicked, 'cat eyes' eyeliner is a skill. I have semi-mastered that skill over years of perseverance. I go through phases with eyeliner: from not bothering at all--to thinking I'm 'too old' or my eyes are not the right shape--to absolutely loving a deep blue waterline shade and a fantastic flick with lashings of mascara (I love this look). If you have ever gone through the insanity of spending ages doing, re-doing, adjusting your eyeliner, or you've always fancied trying it out, you might like to...

The right tool is important

My liner of choice at the moment is Too Faced's
Better Than Sex Liquid Eyeliner
It isn't the cheapest on the market, but it remains blackest black and doesn't dry up easily. It also allows for precision as the tip is super fine and firm enough to draw perfect, opaque lines.

Slow and steady

The trick to even, precise and (as matched as possible!) lines is to begin at the top lash line around the middle of the lash line and then gently trace towards the outer corner. You can end there for a natural, barely detectable look which just looks like a thickened lash base. For a flick, imagine a diagonal line from the outer corner to the crease of the eye when looking straight into the mirror. Some people place a tiny top at the point where they want their liner to end and the draw a triangle from the outer corner to this dot and then back again to join the previously drawn line.

Liner can be as discreet as a tiny flick or a more graphic look, but the trick is to start with thin, small strokes and then add gradually to thickness. A cotton bud soaked in micellar water or eye makeup remover is crucial to tidy up any slightly shaky line drawing!

Waterline eyeliner

My last post about complementary colour theory when choosing eyeshadow shades may be worth checking out when considering a coloured eyeliner. I love a navy blue or even a gold or forest green eyeliner to bring out the colour of my eyes. In the image above I am sporting a metallic taupe which makes my eyes appear brighter and disguises any tired, red-rimmed eyes!

Mac and Urban Decay do some great shades and Charlotte Tilbury has just released her Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo pencils which are targeted to enhance particular eye colours. Grey is a far less harsh option for a waterline colour.

Liner on the waterline can look harsh if the liner is thickly applied and not blended, so a cotton bud or pencil brush can smoke out and soften a line.

The Take Away:

Go slow and steady, consider coloured liner on the lower lash line (waterline), and have cotton buds handy!


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