Saturday 1 August 2020

A Photo a Day 2020 #214

This was taken when lockdown was in full swing back in April. I have quite a few beautiful nature shots under the new theme of 'Shades of Blue' which were taken at the start of lockdown when we were venturing into the countryside more to get our quota (and a bit) of exercise. It kept us sane.

Now we have the gyms back (but for how long?) It may be that at some point we have forms of lockdown imposed again. Today there is the suggestion that pubs will have to close for schools to open-- not a hardship for those of us who aren't regulars, but for publicans and booze hounds, not ideal. People being in denial is great for the short term, but we have to mentally prepare for things to get worse again (and if this doesn't happen, marvelous, I'm happy to be one of the miserable, cynical folk).

Yesterday our water cut out and we faced a day of no washing or drinking facilities. We had a few bottles of H2O stored in our fridge that we salvaged from a barely running tap before we lost all supply. I took a shower in the gym (thank God it was finally open at this time!) Water became a precious commodity and we didn't know how long it would take to fix it. Today, we feel like the luckiest people ever. The supply came back and with better pressure than we've been able to get for a while. 

We all covet the lifestyle we were accustomed to and certain things will hit us more personally. For you it might be having a holiday abroad, others may have lost income or struggle now even more than they already did. Looking at my 'lockdown' photos from a just a few months back take me back to a time when, for one moment, we kind of felt a bit more united. I need to hold on to what is important as the down days come and we still wonder what the future really holds.

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