Monday 28 July 2014

Walking to Wickham

Today I ache. I ache because I took my legs on a seven mile walk yesterday evening! It was a walk from the Hampshire town of Fareham to the quaint village of Wickham. We drive this route every day to get to work, but walking it was a whole different experience. Stopping and looking at the fascinating range of houses and the countryside made it actually really pleasant. 

Of course I took some snaps:
I'm going to see Bellowhead in August! I can't wait.

Indoor market at Wickham Square


  1. Wow! 7 miles! I couldn't do that! Amazing.
    The pics are gorgeous. <3


  2. It was quite an achievement for me, considering I am not the fittest person in the world! Thank you for your kind comment. I checked out your blog. I like your style. x