Sunday 29 October 2017

The South's First Cat Cafe: Pause, Bournemouth

Having visited Pause Cat Cafe in Bournemouth recently, I wanted to share my lovely experience on National Cat Day! If you love cats and want a calming detox from a stressful lifestyle, this is an amazing place to go. 

There are twelve cats that reside at Pause and each has their own private bedroom. This means that they can have some alone time when needed although we were lucky to see nearly all of the cats on our visit. Some of the cats are rescued and therefore a little shy, but saying that, one of the adopted cats was sitting on a lady's lap during our visit. The cats generally love to be petted and there are toys around for visitors to interact with them. Some were asleep and we were told not to wake them, but it was lovely just to be amongst these beautiful creatures. As it was a sunny day, four of the stunning black cats were basking, asleep in the window which was so cute to see, especially as our own treasured kitty looks so much like them. It upsets me to think how black cats tend to be the last to receive homes (that was the case with Maisie) when they are the most majestic and silky pets you could wish for.

In addition to the adorable inhabitants, the cafe has a small, but well-chosen menu of healthy, vegetarian and vegan snacks, both sweet and savoury, so it is also a guilt-free way to spend a lunchtime or lazy afternoon. The Pause philosophy is all about kindness- not just in terms of the cruelty-free menu, but equally in the fact that they employ people with disabilities and special needs. These aren't necessarily needs that are physical. The calming atmosphere and the way the staff care for the cats is apparent as soon as you meet the owner on arrival and see the gorgeous black kitties in the window. There is clearly a lot of passion behind the business and the staff were very friendly.

There is a table booking fee of £5 per person which goes towards the care of the cats. You usually need to book in advance, so its worth planning ahead if this is a special treat.

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