Saturday 26 July 2014

A Spot of Reflection and Running

The sun was shining today, so it seemed rude not to wear an appropriately cheerful lipstick. Betty Bright by Mac was my weapon of choice. It is a jolly, muted neon pink which actually looks surprisingly good on. It is a limited edition shade which I picked up from the Archie's Girls collection some time ago now. It looks a lot more vibrant in person, but is not too outrageous that you get unwanted stares.

Today I took some pictures of 'The Garden of Reflection' which is in Fareham. It is a beautiful, well-kept small garden near the town centre with some attractive landscaping and flower beds. It is a lovely place to sit on a day like this, but we just passed through on this occasion and had a walk around central Fareham.

After a walk around the shops in the heat, we popped into Nero's for a cool down. I finally took advantage of my recently-full loyalty card and snapped up a frappé for free! I chose chocolate and coconut and my partner had a strawberry one. 

My verdict: they taste pretty darn good, but don't last very long as it's just like drinking a glass of deliciously-flavoured milk. Expensive, deliciously-flavoured milk. Starbucks' fraps are where it's at! Fortunately for my waistline, we don't have a Starbucks here, so I don't get to indulge too often!

And of course to balance these things out I did go for a short jog this evening! Nothing spectacular, just a mile and a bit, but every little helps as they say, and you have to ease into these things!

Check out my ultimate running playlist here!

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