Thursday 9 October 2014

A few of my favourite things #7 (September 2014)

Currently wearing

  Cute slippers

I purchased these adorable slippers from Next last month and they haven't been off my feet since! They cost £12 and they are really warm and cosy. I love how they are knitted with some metallic thread interwoven into them as it makes them quite festive. I wouldn't usually buy myself slippers (they're the type of thing I might get bought at Christmas), but I needed something to wear around the house other than socks.

Currently playing 

Get Kalsi by The Imagined Village

The Imagined Village are a modern folk band who collaborate with famous names from the folk scene as well as musicians from across multi-cultural Britain. Their blending of folk, drum and bass, Asian percussion and dub step make them diverse and fascinating to listen to. The song Get Kalsi is an excellent example of the band's fusion of influences. In certain places it reminds me of The Beatles' (there's something 'Pepperland' about it); in others, you are transported to India. Once the percussion kicks in, it is inevitable that you'll want to dance.
Currently applying 

                     Nuxe Reve de Miel lipbalm

I can safely say that this is the top lip balm that I own (and I have quite a collection!). It has a thick, slightly textured feel to it that clings to the lips and allows it to stay put. I have had issues with dry, sore lips recently, probably due to the change of season. I tried many products from my stash, but it was this that has repaired them. The scent is a bit like honey, but some people also say it smells like chocolate orange. This is an affordable luxury lip balm compared to some others on the market. I love it!
Currently watching

Louis Theroux  

For anyone who hasn't heard of Louis Theroux, he's a British documentary maker who has produced some wonderful and gripping content over the last two decades. He gives his audiences a glimpse of extreme sub-cultures such as insight into the sex industry, prisons and racist communities. What is so likeable about Theroux is his way of attempting to immerse himself into the cultures, whilst exposing shocking and fascinating aspects of people and how they choose to live their lives. Most of the topics are hugely controversial and some of the people he meets are abhorrent, but this all adds to the addictive power of the documentaries. They're all on Netflix, if you haven't seen them.

Currently spritzing 
Fudge dry shampoo

I have fine, thin hair, therefore it doesn't look or feel too great on the second day after washing. I am therefore always on the look-out for dry shampoo that can stop me from having to do a daily hair wash. A bit of volumizing power also doesn't go amiss. I picked this up in Boots for around £5 and so far, so good. The scent is 'crisp pear and sweet vanilla', which sold it to me straight away. Although I prefer a more complex perfume nowadays, sweet vanilla scents for my hair are always welcome. I will probably try another brand when this runs out because I don't think this is the best out there (it is a tad powdery feeling for me), but it is a nice choice if you're on a slightly lower budget and it smells great. 

Currently reading

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

With the recent film release of Gone Girl, I'm reminded of how much I loved that novel and how I need to get back into Dark Places, another thriller by Gillian Flynn. I began reading this in the Summer and it was gripping from the start: a story about a dysfuctional young woman who witnessed the murder of her family as a child. She has lived off of the charity of the public for years, but we soon learn that her bank account is running dry and therefore she is going to be forced to find a source of income. Like with Gone Girl, right from the start there is an unease about the narrator; I am only a little way into the book, but I am finding myself trying to work out the protagonist's backstory. If you like a dark, psychological thriller, you'll love this.

Currently eating

'Pick Up' biscuits
As part of my Degustbox this month, I received two five-packs of Pick Up biscuits. These delicious snacks are a lovely treat and for a chocolate-lover like me, they are amazing with a cup of tea. I will definitely try and find them in the supermarket next time I do my grocery shopping!

Currently admiring
Naked Basics 2 eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay

Now technically I own this, but it hasn't arrived yet! I know, I know, I own enough eyeshadow for someone with only two eyes, but this is just not a palette I could pass up. I own the Naked Basics and it is my most used, everyday, work appropriate palette. I have mentioned before that I believe I will use most of these colours up in the near future, therefore this cooler, taupe-hued palette will be both its replacement, and even more loved than the original. I cannot wait to try out this palette, and I'll definitely share my thoughts on it once I've had a play.

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  1. Those slippers are gorgeous! I haven't owned a pair of slippers since I was a child, I'm usually barefoot as soon as I get home, but I've been stealing my boyfriends huge smelly ones since the weather got cold recently. I'm on the hunt for something cute, and less pongy!

    I ordered Gone Girl a few days ago, I can't wait for it to arrive so I can give it a read. I have this thing where I can't watch a movie/TV show before I read the book, so I'll have to get my skates on!


    1. I recommend these slippers! You're going to love Gone Girl I think x